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We are committed to providing a clean car every time you wash! We care about your experience and stand by our Clean Car Guarantee!

What is the Clean Car Guarantee?

We use Sonny’s Car Wash equipment and have for over 20 years. Made in the USA, Sonny’s manufactures proven equipment that will safely and effectively clean all vehicles. We have a 135 foot tunnel of specialized equipment to meet all areas of your vehicles needs.


Car Wash Star - McKinney Texas

High-powered equipment to clean all the hard-to-reach areas.

Blue Star - Car Wash - McKinney, Texas

Cleaning solution applicators that deliver the precise amount of product evenly to deliver a consistent quality wash.

Friction equipment to clean all surfaces of the vehicle safely using neo-glide technology that will not leave any surface marks.

Car Wash Star - McKinney Texas

High powered dryers to ensure a dry surface.

Blue Star - Car Wash - McKinney, Texas

Buff and Shine technology to ensure a dryer surface and a high powered shine.

Our complimentary vacuums with dual nozzles will help you keep your interior free of dirt and debris.

Car Wash Star - McKinney Texas

Complimentary interior cleaning solutions and fragrance will provide you with a super clean and nice smelling interior.

Blue Star - Car Wash - McKinney, Texas

Complimentary mat cleaning machines for your carpet mats.

Complimentary towels to clean interior or wipe down exterior areas.

Car Wash Star - McKinney Texas

License Plate Recognition (LPR) is used to identify our Clean Club members and what wash to provide.

Keeping your car clean couldn’t be easier!

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