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with Clean

You send the link, we clean the cars... it's that easy!

Our car wash fundraisers make it simple to raise money for any organization. Gone are the days of getting a bunch of people to hand wash cars on a Saturday… 

Our online fundraising platform does the work for your organization. You just spread the word and we make it happen! 

It is the easiest fundraiser for any organization:

  • Sports teams
  • Band or choir groups
  • Clubs & Groups
  • Community Non-profits

Community. Commitment. Care.

How It Works


Let us know a little bit about your organization and what you are raising money for.


After we approve your fundraising request, you will receive an email with all the specifics to move forward. We will direct you to our online platform to setup your organization’s specific account. Then you will link to a secure platform, Stripe, so you can receive donations directly into your account without having to work with cash, checks or money up front. 


You will receive your custom webpage detailing your organization. It will act as a seamless way for supporters to purchase a car wash and contribute to your organization. The link is also easy for supporters to share with their family and friends. 

We will also provide you with customized assets to share and a dashboard to track your efforts. You can see who your top contributors are and how close you are to your goal! 

Let’s Get Your Fundraiser Started Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clean gives back 50% of all your sales!.

Once approved and your payment account is set up, it takes 3 business days to develop your custom fundraiser landing page.

It takes us about 1-5 business days to review your application.

There is no out-of-pocket cost for your organization to participate.

We take pride in supporting causes and organizations that share our commitment to making a positive impact in the community, and we carefully evaluate each application to ensure that it meets our criteria. Any organization is welcome to apply, but we do prioritize those that share our values and mission.

You’ll set up a Stripe account to link to your bank account. Every seven days all the money you’ve raised will be automatically deposited into your account. There’s no waiting for the fundraiser to be over or waiting for a cut to be processed!

You’ll receive a custom dashboard where you can view all the funds you’ve raised in real time! You’ll be able to see the progress you’re making toward your goal and even the amount of money each person on your team is raising!

Your supporters can use all major debit and credit cards to purchase washes.

Your supporters can purchase our signature Graphine Clean wash. The wash includes our signature 3-step Ceramic Protection to maximize your vehicle’s shine & protect it against the elements. 

That’s not a problem. We’ve seen supporters from all across the country purchase car wash vouchers to send to relatives and friends nearby.

We wouldn’t recommend anything longer than 60 days! In fact, we’ve heard success from “flash” 24-hour fundraiser challenges. That may be an option to consider for your team!

Have more fundraising questions?